Terms & Conditions

    • This agreement shall come into effect on the date of acceptance of these terms.
    • Either party shall be entitled to terminate the agreement by giving 30 (thirty) days written notice to the other party, provided that the Client shall remain liable to Empire Web for any funds not recovered by Empire Web.
    • Upon cancellation of the service Empire Web shall retain any funds held in retention for the 30 (thirty) days’ notice period to allow for disputed or returned transactions.
    • The termination of this agreement for any reason whatsoever, shall not prejudice the validity or enforceability of indemnifications and/or indemnities in respect of damage and/or losses and/or consequential damage and/or claims that may have arisen during the existence of this agreement.
  2. Hosting
    • Hosting includes the following: domain hosting, email accounts, website maintenance, support for the site, email support, website updates (updates examples: upload of photos, insert new articles, update information, change photos, edit information etc.) Website layout changes and extra pages will come at extra cost and is not included in Hosting.
    • Hosting fees are payable every month via debit order or eft..
    • Hosting prices varies and depends on the domain and hosting space. Example ( .com domains are more expensive than domains)
    • Domain registration is included in the first year of activation. Should you cancel your account before the year ends, you will have to pay the registration costs and cancellation costs of the domain. This is to cover our costs of losing the domain and paid the registration in full for 1 calendar year.
    • Domain renewal is included in the hosting fees ONLY if the hosting is setup for monthly payments.
    • Yearly subscriptions prices may vary depending on the rand/dollar exchange. The client will be notified within 60 (sixty) days should the yearly price increase. The yearly subscription price is based on: hosting price for 1 calendar year (12 months) plus domain renewal price for 1 calendar year (12 months).
  3. Suspension
    • Failure to make payment, debit order been disputed or should the debit order not go through successfully, the website and all services will be disconnected. This includes: emails, websites, domains, SEO and all services offered by Empire Web.
    • Once the services are disconnected a reconnection fee will be added to the account (See section 6 Penalties subsection 6.1)
    • Before services will continue the full outstanding balance must be paid in full as well as the reconnection fee. After the outstanding balance have been paid, all services will be reconnected.
    • Empire Web (Pty) Ltd. will not be held responsible for any damages or loss during the suspension on services.
    • Empire Web (Pty) Ltd. reserves the rights to terminate any and all services at its discretion.
  4. Account Deletion
    4.1 As per section Suspension sub section 3.1 the client’s account will be suspended and all services will be disconnected.
    4.2 Should the account not been paid in full/made payment arrangements to reconnect the services within 60 (sixty) days, the account will be deleted.
    4.3 Account deletion includes: deleting the Domain, website, emails and all services offered on the client’s account.
    4.4 The client’s account will be automatically closed and will no longer be a customer of Empire Web as well as no longer be billed for services as the client will be taken of our system.
  • 5 Debit Orders
    • The client’s account will be debited every month on the selected debit order date.
    • Should funds not be available and causing the debit order not to go through successfully a penalty fee will added on the next debit order date. This is to cover our cost and penalties to our debit order collection agents. (See section 6 Penalties subsection 6.2)
    • The client will receive a reference number for the debit order that will reflect on their bank statement every month.
    • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure funds are available for collection.
    • Should the client dispute the debit order, the client’s account will be suspended immediately as per section Suspension sub section 3.1


  • 6 Penalties
    • Reconnection Fees: Reconnection fees of services is a total of R200 and will be added to the next invoice date. Reconnection fee can be paid before the next invoice date to reconnect services early.
    • Debit order penalty fees: Debit order disputes or unsuccessful debit order penalty fees is a total of R75.00 and will be added on the next following invoice.
    • Late Payments: Late payment fees is a total of R75.00 and will be added to the next following invoice.
    • Late payments will be considered anywhere after the 5th of every month.
      • All penalties are there to cover all Empire Web’s cost of late payments, reconnection fees and debit order penalties.